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It all started back in 1980 when I was 10 years old. My grandmother lived in Ballarat, Victoria and had a huge lawn to mow and plenty of gardens to weed (how I loved that Victa mower). I thought getting five $1 notes for a day's work was like being a millionaire. Hard work was learnt at an early age and I guess it's still something I continue today.

We registered our first business in 1990 and set off to establish a lawn and garden maintenance service with small to medium sized landscaping projects. We quickly learnt many things and began training ourselves to offer many more services. Watering systems became a big part of our business in the early days and we went from connecting the pop-ups from the garden tap to installation of computerised systems.

As we grew through the 90's so did the list of services we provided for our clients and we went on to employ more than 10 staff by the year 2000 (the business was growing rapidly). In 2005 we had 2 maintenance teams servicing our client's lawn and gardens, we also had 2 construction teams working on soft and hard landscaping projects. It was about this time we also started manufacturing our own range of concrete products, which we still do to this very day. Our most popular concrete product we manufacture is our Woodlook Concrete Sleeper (I've lost count how many we've made over the years). Concrete sleepers were a great introduction to the growth of our business. We install 1000's of concrete sleepers into retaining walls and landscaping projects every year. Presently we offer more services to our valuable clients than ever before.

With well over 25 years experience in landscape design and construction we are constantly looking to the future of our business. We still have passion for what we do and how we do it. We enjoy creating outdoor feature areas and entertaining spaces for our many clients. Structural Concrete Sleepers is a fully insured and licenced company holding licences in both Queensland with the QBCC and New South Wales with the Department of Fair Trading. We also offer Home Owners Warranty insurance where required for Queensland and New South Wales.

Lindsay Shaw


Qualified Structural Landscaper
Queensland & NSW Licence Holder
Part-time NSW Supporter due to lack of wins 😜

Structural Concrete Sleepers
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Queensland Builders Licence No: 1212658 | New South Wales Builders Licence No: 162131C | ABN: 63 083 607 881

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